Stainless Steel United Bow Tie Fidget Spinner


Limited Edition of 499, each spinner is serialized 1 of 499.
The United Bow Tie Fidget Spinner features a 304 Stainless Steel body with 3D milling that can only truly be appreciated in person. It utilizes a Hybrid Ceramic Bearing for extended spin times. 
  • Removable Buttons for easy cleaning
  • R3 Hybrid Ceramic Bearing (.1875" x .500" x .196 wide bearing)
  • De-greased bearing for optimum spin times. Please note this increases the noise level of the bearing.
  • Precision machined bearing housing that is .001" larger than the bearing allows for no added stress on the bearing whilst keeping the bearing perfectly centered. The bearing comes glued in.The buttons can be removed and the body can be soaked in Acetone to remove the bearing if need be.
  • Anodized buttons for durability
Weight without Bearing/Buttons: 59 grams
Dimensions: 2.3" long x 1.1" wide at it's widest point x .500" from button to button 
Recommended Cleaning Procedure: The entire spinner can be cleaned with soap and water with the buttons removed, finish by blowing the bearing out with compressed air.
All sales are final unless a manufacturing defect is present. We do our best to sort through the bearings we buy and select the best ones. All bearings are a little different however. Some are smoother/quieter than others. 
Available units: 5

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