United Spin Station: Level Adjustable Spinning Top Station



The United Spin Station is a Spin Station designed to be a functioning showcase for your spinning tops. It's main feature is the ability to be leveled. Housed within the Spin Station is a bubble level and the entire Spin Station can be infinitely adjusted upon its swivel base.

Not pictured here, the swivel base has a rubber protector to ensure no scratches occur to any surface it's placed upon as well as ensuring that the Spin Station stays in place.

The entire Spin Station is machined from 6061 Aluminum and then Hardcoated black for durability. Approximate dimensions are 3" high at it's highest point and 5.6" wide from flat to flat. The lens is 3" in diameter.

A glass lens is not included. Diameter is 3" or 76mm.

Available units: 3